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Vtn jara "Mulligan's Turkey Shoot"

speciln ronk - rozlukov turnaj s Markem

Spring 2008
  • kde: Park u Hostivask pehrady - Praha - CZ
  • kdy: sobota 15.3.2008 od 9:00 - nedle 16.3. do cca 15 hodin
  • doubles: ptek 16:00
  • v sobotu barbecue party: Praha 5 - Lipence (vetn monosti pespn)

  • Co je "Mulligan's Turkey Shoot"?

    A "Turkey Shoot" in USA is when a farmer that raises turkeys puts all of them together into a small pen, and then lets you "hunt" the birds with your rifle. Since there are so many birds in such a small space, you can almost close your eyes and fire and still hit a turkey. Since all of the holes on this course are very short, the idea is the same- you can almost close your eyes and still throw to the green, so we call it a Turkey Shoot.

    A Mulligan is when you take an extra throw after making a very bad one and it doesn't count as an extra throw. In this tournament, everyone gets two Mulligan shots, one on the front nine, and one on the back nine.

    So we have "Mulligan's Turkey Shoot" :)

    Tournament Contests :

    • Perfect Round (scoring 36 with no Aces and no Mulligans)
    • Longest Series of "2's" in a Row
    • Most Aces
    • Most Greens (count of how many times your first throw/drive lands in the marked green circle)
    • Most Improved (whoever improves their 2nd or 3rd round score most over their 1st round score)
    • 2 CTP's (hole 7 and hole 14)

    Barbecue Party on Sobota

    • Keg of Pivo (Staropramen)
    • Chicken Breasts, Pork Chops, Sausages, Hamburgers, and other stuff
    • Bring your own Pivo glass/mug/cup
    • Bring your own portable chair


    Floor space - bring mattres and sleeping bag
    or bring your own tent
    more info: Martak 602750954

    DNFMencl MartinCzechMPO 5454 DNF  361.00
    DNFHron MichaelCzechMPO 5454 DNF  361.00
    1Hokeš DanielCzechMPO 423840120271471230.00
    2Trubl MarkAmericanMP40 384240120311511629.00
    3Filandr LukášCzechMPO 414140122311531828.00
    4Fojtík MarekCzechMPO 434042125311562127.00
    5Peiker TomášCzechMPO 393947125381632826.00
    6Slížek MartinCzechMPO 454143129  2125.00
    7Blahout JiříCzechMPO 474445136  2824.00
    8Ciboch PetrCzechMPO 524443139  3123.00
    9Redding RyanAmericanMP80 474846141  3322.00
    10Šedivý OndraCzechMPO 494845142  3421.00
    =Kratochvíl JiříCzechMPO 454948142  3421.00
    =Olšina MartinCzechMPO 454849142  3421.00
    13Šnejdar MarekCzechMPO 474947143  3518.00
    14Kosková ZdeňkaCzechFPO 544349146  3817.00
    15Moštěk KarelCzechMPO 534751151  4316.00
    16Blahoutová RadkaCzechFPO 514853152  4415.00
    17Fojtíková KristýnaCzechFPO 534556154  4614.00
    18Borecký DavidCzechMPO 495452155  4713.00
    19Skalková VendulaCzechFPO 545448156  4812.00
    20Javora MichalCzechMP40 565151158  5011.00
    21Perkins KatherineAmericanFPO 545750161  5310.00
    22Faust AlešCzechMPO 556049164  569.00
    23Kostnerová EvaCzechFPO 565656168  608.00
    24Filandrová DanielaCzechFPO 605654170  627.00
    25Mikušová MarkétaCzechFPO 565659171  636.00
    =Cibochová PavlaCzechFPO 555759171  636.00
    27Zbytovská KateřinaCzechFPO 576357177  694.00
    28Sedláček PetrCzechMJ10 605860178  703.00
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